1. Installing your phone.

Connect your phone to the network by using Ethernet cable.

2. Launch a web browser on a computer that can reach the phone on the network.

3. Direct the browser to the IP address of the phone.


To determine the IP address:

Press the Setup button on the phone.

Scroll to Network (9) and press Select. The IP Address is displayed under Current IP (2).


4. You can enter static IP in Network menu, if DHCP is disabled in your network. 

Also you can request for network settings to your system administrator.

5. Enter the IP address in your web browser address bar.

6. Click Admin Login, and advanced to pass to the advanced settings.

7. Click the System tab in top menu and change your network and internet connection settings. 

You can obtain your network settings from your system administrator. The configuration of internet connection you can obtain from your provider's support.

8. Optional Network Configuration

Enter provider's DNS addresses in fields Primary DNS and Secondary DNS.

9. Click button Submit All Changes at the bottom to save your settings.

10. Add information of your SIP accounts (please use tabs Ext 1 - Ext 4).

For example, to configure your SIP account click Ext 1:

Select "yes" in field Line Enable.


    Select "yes" in field NAT keep alive enable if your VoIP phone is "behind" the NAT.

Proxy: Enter SIP proxy domain address

Register: Yes

User ID: Enter your SIP ID

Use Auth ID: Yes

Auth ID: Enter your SIP ID

10. Audio Configuration

Please set turned on only codecs G711a and G729a. Other codecs may be turned off.

If you use extension numbers:

Select DTMF Tx Method to AVT to make possible DTMF signals transfer.


12. Do similarly settings in other tabs Ext 2 - Ext 4 for additional accounts.


Set extension for each Line Keys in section Phone, if you use 2 and more accounts.

13. Click button Submit All Changes at the bottom to save your settings.

Your VoIP phone is ready to use!


The Cisco SPA504G VoIP phone is intended to use in network with PoE support.

Please buy power supply additionally, if your network equipment does not support PoE technology (Power over Ethernet).

Cisco VoIP phones SPA50x series are available to use with additional Cisco SPA500S Console unit (see the "Cisco SPA500S Console" setup manual).